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Classy does not have to be plain

Make a statement without saying a word.

At Em Nails & Spa, we are committed to only using top-of-the-line products for added luxury and safety. Take a look below and get an idea of how you want to express yourself today.


The Puppetmaster

This high gloss black alongside the muted flat natural tone goes that extra mile. We know you noticed the bejeweled cuticles but, did you notice the flat black on the tips that make it seem like a few nails were a different shape? This person has layers.


The Last Lightbender

You have been granted the power over stone with this marbled design on your fingertips. Even in such a specific design, notice how each nail complements each other. Any of these designs would look good on all of your nails.

Pampered Princess

Pretty in Pink. This pampered princess doesn't need to ask for much. With a simple smile, we are all just subjects in the presence of this subtle charm.


Color Me Bad

Sometimes just picking the right color can be all the statement you need. If this person wanted to add a bit more pop, maybe add a slight hombre.


The Spy Catcher

Sometimes the things we do are just for us. Most people will not notice such a subtle change in texture; that just goes to show that those who do, just got caught looking.


Who's The Boss

You know who the boss is as soon as you catch the flat black of the nails but it is the glint of gold at the cuticle that makes you wonder what other secrets she is holding.

Beauty and the Beast

In nature, no two things are identical. Every claw of this beautiful beast has it's own flare yet they all come together to tell the story that was started by that leopard print accessory.  Yes, she did bring in a belt and the tech went wild. What's in your closet?


Queen of Thrones

The idea that the cameras have stopped doesn't mean the show is over. All men must serve when you take this kind of attention to the detail of every nail.


The Whole 10

Every nail is hand painted. Yes, all 10! Each one with a unique design. If ever anyone dare asks why, just reply, "Because I can".


Pearlescent Purrfect

The claws of this cat are sleek yet creative. They wear well from the playground to playing around. It is not hard to imagine any accent color in place of the white strands.

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